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For more information about Folkwoods please don't hesitate to contact us on the following telephone number: +31 (0)652 66 11 74

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we stopped organising the festival....

please go to www.parkfest.nl for the new organisation, prices, bands etc....


What do you get if you put some veteran pop and festival experts together to organise a completely new festival? A good festival, just like the old days. That was (and is!) exactly what the organisers of the Folkwoods Festival meant to aim.

In 1998 there were a lot of rumours about our target group, the folkies, being overlooked by synthesizer and guitar violence. Many people complained about festivals. They got thin beer in plastic cups and there were only fattening snacks available. They had to wait for hours to get tokens. They stayed at remote campsites with filthy chemical toilets and no showers. They could listen to some good bands, but there were no activities whatsoever for children.

In 1999 we managed to put our (slumbering) plans into action and in August 2000 the 1st Folkwoods Festival was born. a 5 star festival with beers (8 dfferent tastes) and other drinks in normal glass, food on normal plates, normal and clean toilets, enough seating if wanted. While other folk festivals tend to dilute, by presenting a wider program with a lot of pop acts and world music, Folkwoods mostly aims at European traditional music. This doesn't mean that we present traditional folk music only; within the borders of its style, Folkwoods is going deeper and wider. As a matter of course there is room for Irish, Scotish and Breton folk music, which form the basis for what usually is called 'folk'.

Folkwoods, however, broadens the geographical and musical perspective; from the USA to Italy, from France to Denmark, from traditional jigs and reels to electric guitar-folk and  singer / songwriters. It is a festival for people who like tuneful music from The Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world!

The Folkwoods Festival takes place in a wonderful setting, in the middle of the woods, and is surrounded by provisions of an unusual high standing. 2.000 people a day at the most are allowed at the festival and campgrounds.

Tickets pre sale and admittance fees 2011


At the cash registers:


The campsite is situated directly adjacent to the festival grounds, in a wonderful area in the middle of the woods.


By presale for each camping area you can order just one weekend ticket including electrical and a number of normal weekend tickets for the rest of the area vissitors.

At the cash registers you will pay € 20,00 for the electrical connection.

Make sure you bring a cable of 40 metres!!!!

Adres: Achtseweg Zuid, Eindhoven. Philips de Jong park
Opening hours

On Friday the campsite will open its gates at 11.30 in the morning

The festival grounds and catering tent (bar and restaurant) will open at 16..30 pm and the program will start at 17.00  until 02.00 in the night

On Saturday the festival grounds will be opened from 11.00  and the program will start at 12.00 until 02.00 in  the night

On Sunday the festival grounds will be opened from 10.00 and the program will start at 10.30 The last live-acts end at 24.00

On Monday  The campsite closes at 11.30 in the morning.


Dogs are not allowed on the campsite and festival grounds.


Cars are NOT allowed on the campsite for loading and unloading. They have to be parked on the external parking lot adjacent to the campsite. 


Motorhomes will be placed on a special part of the campsite, for (fire) safety reasons.

Showers and toilets

(wheelchair-) Showers and toilets are available for free, as well as a small campsite shop where you can buy bread, milk, etc.

Adres: Achtseweg Zuid, Eindhoven. Philips de Jong park

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